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Welcome to the CrossFunction Sports Recovery Page!

If you're anything like me, you may have hundreds (ok in my case perhaps thousands) of emails that are in the inbox unopened- or was going to open- or was marked as "star reminder". I sit there and think hmmm... I KNOW I saw that message Somewhere.... while silently thanking my Google inbox for having the search finder for that one erroneous email a month back.

I'm not a huge fan of relentless emails; which is why you *may* receive only one email once every 6 mo. from us. Apologies about that- I internally feel bad for you also receiving dozens of emails from every direction, and don't want to be "that guy", adding more clutter to your inbox. Unless they are good deals, of course. :-)

HOWEVER, we need a place, or repository for information that's not labeled as "marketing", but rather for you to be "in-the-know". Because if you have been with us for any length of time, you know we are always busy with something new happening in the center. Simply ask one of us every 6 mo. what's down the line, and we will most likely be yet again growing in some way.

So here you go. This is now both your, and our team's, personal repository of information for you to peruse through the happenings here at CrossFunction Sports Recovery! We will have updates and info added here periodically from our wonderful CrossFunction teammates. No sending 5 company spam-mails a week, just come here and find it. Viola!

...I suppose because am wearing the business owner hat- a little blog here and there also boosts the SEO rankings, so that more people in our area can find and experience our delightful (and much needed) recovery center. :-) But as always, your referral and kind Google or social media group shout-out helps us 100x more than an impersonal database engine word scour!

OK so now that this has turned into a BOOK, I wanted to warm welcome you to 2024 and we are going to be posting quite a bit of info in this new repository, because (drumroll.........)

So many new and exciting things are starting this month!

Without further adieu, am going to say, thank you for checking this out, be on the lookout for our posts and info that you'll be physically seeing here at the center in the next several weeks.

Ciao and Cheers XF'ers!


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