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We have two stories. That of the founder who created the center, and that of the aspirations of our employees. Our Story wouldn't be complete without these two!

Jenny Mapes trained for the 2012 London Olympics in the high jump. She was always on the precipice of injury, and unlike all the amenities collegiate athletes received during their training, there simply wasn't anything comprehensive out there to prevent injuries for athletes, or even for those with the daily work grind. We simply worked hard and hoped to evade injury. This reactive approach simply was not going to cut it, so she vowed to specialize in the physical healing world of athletics. First becoming a Sports LMT and working on programs focusing on educating peers in the world of sports massage, then use her 19 years of Movement Specialist training to expand into Sports Recovery.

Our Recovery Specialists have all entered into CrossFunction with individual interests and goals to also help people recover. You will find their bios here! We Love our dedicated XF Recovery Team, and Love our clients!


The Zone is one of the most powerful tools an athlete has. It's that sweet spot between intense focus and flowing in a familiar pattern and rhythm of our sport.
We here at CrossFunction Sports Recovery get The Zone! Our Recovery Team has participated in many sport endeavors; some being Olympic hopeful athletes, world stage competitors, Olympic Powerlifting Coaches, High School Coaches, and Elite Coaches. We are all Movement Specialists.

We have ice bathed, foam rolled, stretched, worked out, sweat, toiled, and practiced countless hours of visualization. We believe in the best. We believe in world-class. We believe in striving for excellence.

CrossFunction Sports Recovery recognizes six zones that were essential to injury prevention and recovery. They are based upon preventative techniques of calming down the nervous system, building  stabilizing muscles, developing balance, receiving manual therapy, re-establishing rhythm, and mentally rejuvenating through team participation and encouragement. Collectively, these elements encompass the full meaning of optimal recovery.

We wanted to have a relaxing sports atmosphere where one can get in their recovery zone with their personal goals in mind. Using a simple rotation model and video-led programming, we aim to be a world-class sports recovery center that is accessible to anyone; whether that be the weekend warrior, professional athlete, hobbyist, or desk jockey.
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