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Membership Menu

All Recovery Center Memberships are:
* Membership per person
* Can cancel anytime with two week notice
* Under 18 needs parent consent
* Cryo for age 14+ over 100lbs, parent consent under age 18 and must be present in cryo room each time
*Services are by appointment only

Wellness and Services Menu

IV Hydration Drips

$155 The Executive

$165 Rise and Shine

(Meyer's Cocktail)

$185 Natural Defense

$215 Performance Hydration

$255 LiquiLift

IM Injections

Vit B Coming Soon

Nutrition Coaching

$325 50 min Nutrition Coaching 
(1 Initial 50 min, 5x25 min follow-ups)

FREE 15 min Nutrition Consultation

Nurse Pricing

All services and sessions by appointment only;
you may reserve up to 1 hr before!

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