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Come Join our Team!

Calling all active Athletes in the community! Here is an EXCITING chance to work with an Awesome team of Recovery Specialist guru's in helping YOU recover from your sport AND help promote an AMAZING local company.

We are looking for the following to be Athlete Ambassadors for CrossFunction Sports Recovery (XF) for 2022! 

One Bodybuilder

One Runner

One General Fitness

One Outdoor Enthusiast

Two Wildcards (group choice)

By being a part of our amazing team, for the year you will receive:

A FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP to the Recovery Center ($2148 value)

FREE XF Apparel ($200 value)

FREE Cryotherapy Session ($59 value)

15% off massages with CrossFunction Sports Massage

Ambassador Requirements and Responsibilities

*Large, actively engaged social media community

*Attendance to check in and/or post on XF Recovery classes, the Recovery Center, and events 2x/mo

*Go "Behind the scenes" access with live stream videos as we build the center- possibly even a cryo Freezing video!

*Wear your XF apparel around the community as much as possible

*Promotion of XF Events

*Allow XF to put your name, photo, video of you participating in your sport, and bio on our website as the XF Athlete Ambassador Team

*Create two blog articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, or social media interviews on your site/s within the year- topic of your choice within the realm of XF people/products/services. We will give a large list of ideas to help with creativity. We will cross-reference those to our pages as well, to help your audience.

*Not involved with competing programs/recovery centers

*Over the age of 21

*One year term commitment

Application Submittal

Please email an application to with the following information:

First/Last Name


Contact Info

Photo of you participating in your event

1. How did you hear about our Athlete Ambassador Program?

2. Tell us your story. What would be awesome for us to know about you?

3. Have you participated in ambassador programs in the past? If so, what were your likes and dislikes about the programs?

4. What are your social media direct public links: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blog, podcast, etc?

5. How many followers are in your social media/website links, are they an active community?

6. Why would you love to be an XF Athlete Ambassador?

7. Which aspect/s of the program is most appealing to you?

8. Which category are you applying for? 

9. Please give a snapshot of your community involvement by letting us know what activities you are involved with and are passionate about?

10. What upcoming competitions are you participating in for 2020?

11. What CrossFunction Recovery Zone is most interesting to you, and why?

We will reveal the new Athlete Ambassador team in January!


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