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CiLy MuCe: Our new mascot!

The key to solid, efficient recovery is to illicit change in the body in multiple ways within each treatment. Yes it's great to throw on a tens unit for a few minutes, or shove on a recovery sleeve once in a while, but those recovery tools by themselves do not address the complexity of our body for optimal results. This is also why we have abundant specialists in so many facets of sports medicine (and simply human body occupations in general).

So, how do we simplify


CrossFunction Sports Recovery System

And break it down into key principles where most importantly...

We can QUICKLY and EASILY explain to clients?

Our team group huddled and after lengthy discussion, we found our answer.

The newest member of CrossFunction, and TEAM MASCOT, was born!

Meet, CiLy MuCe: Pronounced "Silly Moose"

What better mascot to embody both CrossFunction's Recovery Process, AND our team, at the same time!

The Moose is known to represent Strength, Determination, and Resilience. Plus each of us are a little silly in our own right!

Three tends to be a magic number, and our system is no different.

Each time a client comes through our doors, we wish to work the body in three areas of recovery, using the CiLy MuCe Method.

  • Circulatory

  • Lymphatic

  • Muscular

  • Cellular

Be expecting to hear some CiLy MuCe talk in our office... and perhaps some stickers, shirts and other gear in the team shop appearing in the near future!

Now the important question. What kind of "CiLy MuCe" are you? Let's figure it out! :-)

If you love Red Light Therapy or PEMF- ooop! You're a CELLULAR MuCe

If you enjoy the pneumonic compression arms/legs, you're Definitely a LYMPHATIC MuCe.

Like the cold? or the heat? Hello CIRCULATION MuCe!

All you class participants and VibePlate'ers: MUSCULAR MuCe!

If you are still reading this, it's POLL TIME...

Which CiLy MuCe most resonates with you?





Thank you for your participation, we look forward seeing your personal style!

Alright all you CiLy MuCe'ers, until next time, Cheers! Jenny

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