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Enjoy our Extremely Effective Small Group Recovery Classes! We are about Mobility, Strength within range of motion, and recovery! These are not personal training or exercise classes, but rather for recovery and injury-prevention. Our "Sports Yoga" isn't just yoga- there will be natural movements also involved. Our "Stick Mobility" is a state-of-the-art recovery training method. 

Classes have highly skilled and individually trained and certified Recovery Coaches. You will leave your classes feeling invigorated, encouraged, and confident! Come try a class today and experience Recovery Classes like you never have before.

Correctives Training

An in-house dynamic group balance, corrective exercise and stretching class  uses bands, tubing, and other corrective exercise apparatus to obtain strong stabilization muscles. It is followed by a routine that incorporates a variety of tools and apparatus to effectively stretch out the body. Bands, lacrosse balls, tubing, and other. Though challenging, this is NOT a workout! It is a corrective exercise, specific movement technique, and stretching class taught by Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists. This is a Great course to take prior to entering the Foundation Zone!

Sports Yoga

Sports Yoga sessions create strength and length in muscle and fascial tissues Without compromising athletic positions. Most athletes do not need to be ultra bendy, or over-stretched for their optimal performance. Our Sports Yoga Coaches get this, and is why hundreds of professional athletes are now incorporating sports yoga as one of their recovery tools. 

All Sports Yoga training instructors have a certification in personal training and Yoga as well as being certified in other corrective exercise or preventative injury training programs. Our program is extremely biomechanical in nature.

Sports Yoga: This class is a literal instruction on How body movement affects breathing and how to effectively use your stability and mobility for optimal performance. It introduces you to the rhythm of movement, and creating precise body positions. There will be instruction learning about the body's connective tissues, biomechanics, the "why's" behind movements, and how this affects your performance of any level or type.

Stick Mobility

The stick says it all.
Using slightly bendable long poles, you can get great fascial stretching in a dynamic, integrated StickMobility Class. Try your lines by pushing and pulling into strong positions in a dynamic instructor-led course. You must try this at least once!
Best of all, this class can be regressed for the Silver Population, using chairs and small movements that your grand old days can love.
Play with a stick in StickMobility!
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