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Enjoy our Extremely Effective Small Group Recovery Classes, FREE in all our memberships! We are about Mobility, Strength within range of motion, and recovery! These are not personal training or exercise classes, but rather for recovery and injury-prevention. Our "Sports Stretching" isn't just stretching- there will be natural movements also involved. Our "Stick Mobility" is a state-of-the-art recovery training method. 

First person to book a class gets their choice of which one they want. We will be in contact with you to then change the course to that specific one for other members to register with! This allows us to have many options throughout the week for all three classes.


Quickly put your agility skilss to the test with ladders, cones, plyo boxes, core strength, mini-hurdles and more! Great for all ages and skill levels

Sports Stretching

Sports Stretching sessions create strength and length in muscle and fascial tissues Without compromising athletic positions. Most athletes do not need to be ultra bendy, or over-stretched for their optimal performance. Our Sports Stretch Coaches get this, and is why hundreds of professional athletes are now incorporating sports stretching and other modalities as one of their recovery tools. 

All Sports Stretching instructors have a certification in personal training as well as being certified in other corrective exercise or preventative injury training programs. Our program is extremely biomechanical in nature.


Stick Mobility

The stick says it all.
Using slightly bendable long poles, you can get great fascial stretching in a dynamic, integrated Stick Mobility Class. Try your lines by pushing and pulling into strong positions in a dynamic instructor-led course. You must try this at least once!

Best of all, this class can be regressed for the Silver Population, using chairs and small movements that your grand old days can love.

Play with a stick in Stick Mobility!
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