Whole Body Cryotherapy

In Cryotherapy the body constricts peripheral tissues, sending blood from the skin surface, muscle tissue, and surrounding joint space to the core to protect core temperature (vasoconstriction). As the blood travels to the core it passes through the cardiovascular system where it is cleansed of metabolic waste and supplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. Once a client exits the cryotherapy chamber, the body immediately begins vasodilation, returning the enriched blood to peripheral tissues.

The temperature in cryotherapy chamber can reach up to -250°F. This means the skins' surface temperature in the  reaches 30°F in just 30-40 seconds and the total length of time the skin is exposed to this invigorating, dry, temperature is never more than 3 minutes.

During an ice bath, tissue begins to freeze and muscles temporarily lose capacity. Muscle tissue then needs time to return to normal which requires the body to rest. Therefore, an ice bath must be scheduled at the end of a rigorous workout so the participant can recuperate overnight. In contrast, the cryotherapy chamber does not actually freeze muscle tissue. It only creates a powerful illusion that the body freezes. In fact, upon exit from the cryotherapy machine, the blood flow back to the peripheral tissues warms the muscles almost immediately. Accordingly, the client may use the cryotherapy both before and after a workout, which is an effect that is impossible to realize with an ice bath.

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