Start at a station and rotate around for a 60 minute total experience of the Foundation Zone! A Recovery Specialist will be circulating the floor assisting clients with moves, postures, and devices.

Station 1

15 Minutes Balance/Vibe Plate

Movement is essential to perform any daily activity. Your ability to move efficiently requires control of the body's postural alignment. In other words, you need strong balance to move efficiently. Without balance, typical tasks such as lifting a bag of groceries, climbing stairs, or standing and sitting would be extremely challenging to do. For athletes, balance helps you run harder, bike longer, and swim stronger.

Balance is divided into two types: static balance and dynamic balance. Static balance refers to the ability to maintain the body's center of mass within its base of support. Dynamic balance refers to the ability to move outside of the body's base of support, while maintaining postural control.

Our Balance Circuit spends one minute on each type of balance, following a gradient from easy to more challenging patterns. 

The Vibe plate works with improving circulation throughout the deep muscle structures of the body. It completes and finishes the Foundation Zone.

Station 2

15 Minutes Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercise addresses joint inflexibility, muscle instability, and poor body mechanics by eliciting the right muscles at the right time, so that a person is more likely to use them in his or her daily activities.  This allows for movement to feel easier with more flexibility and increased strength, reducing the probability of injury.

This station focuses on engaging small stability muscles and corrective movement patterns. It is NOT a workout. It is a tool to teach your body to use movements correctly and effectively for motor control  in your sport or business.

Our in-house technology allows you to choose Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, or a 15 minute self-timer on the video, and then provides three levels of ability. You may address that body location with correctives. The use of resistance bands, small weights, other correctives apparatus, and body weight. A Recovery Specialist will be walking the floor between the different zones, helping assist if you have questions, or to improve mechanics. 


Station 3

15 Minutes Stretching and Mobility

We use Dynamic and Static stretching with bands and body weight. Stretching elongates muscle fibers and reduces strains on tendons and joints. Fascial restrictions can inhibit body movement, in which stretching through various patterns and multiple angles will reduce the amount of strain the body encounters in day-to-day living. 

Static stretching should always be reserved for after workout recovery. Dynamic allows for pre or post workout performance.


Our in-house video technology allows you to choose Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, or 15 minute self-timer, with three levels of intensity. Each video sequence progresses from static stretching, into dynamic stretching, and finishes with instruments and tools such as vibration or solid foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and other recovery stretching tools.

A Recovery Specialist will be walking the floor between the different zones, helping assist if you have questions, or to improve mechanics.