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Experience rejuvenation of the Flow Zone, lounging in a comfortable chaise chair and watching sports channels! A Recovery Specialist will be circulating the floor assisting clients with applying and removing devices.

Air Relax/Normatec Compression


Compression technology gives athletes the competitive edge! We believe recovery is just as important as training and nutrition, and should be an integral part of every athlete’s training program. The Compression system is designed to help athletes recover faster and perform better. But don't just take our word for it, the technology is backed up by numerous studies which highlight the enhancements in athletic performance through dynamic compression.




What Is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

Simply put, electric muscle stimulation trains your muscles in a way that traditional workouts alone cannot. It is a "best kept secret" many elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to enhance their workouts and training programs. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) -- also known as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES), muscle stim or e-stim -- sends electronic pulses to your motor nerves in order to create muscle contractions.

When Compex electric muscle stimulation is added to your training, it helps maximize your muscular effort by engaging a greater percentage of muscle fibers. Compex targets both Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibers which impact endurance and Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers with impact power and explosiveness. Compex can help your training efficiency allowing for enhanced fitness results.

*Compex products are not intended to be used for therapy or treatment of medical diseases or medical conditions.



Hyperice brings together a cutting edge design with the benefits of cryotherapy and compression, enabling both the reduction of swelling and the healing of tissues. The signature ice compression product line is a revolutionary two-part system, which harnesses the power of real ice and the anti-inflammatory properties of compression to provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery, and enhance muscle and joint performance.

A digitally-connected wearable back device, VENOM combines the power of heat and vibration to aid the lower back. Designed for anyone from elite athletes to anyone with back pain, the device can be used to optimize recovery by warming up, loosening, and relaxing the back.

Over 200 collegiate and professional sports teams use Hyperice technology for their athletes’ fitness regimen.

*HyperIce products are not intended to be used for therapy or treatment of medical diseases or medical conditions.

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