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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in the center if my child is a minor?

The Recovery Center is for anyone age 10 and above. Any child under the age 18 must have a parent release form signed to use the facility. Any child under the age 15 must have a parent or adult representative in the facility at time of service for liability and state regulations.

What should I expect for my first time session?

Please arrive 10 minutes early. Your Recovery Specialist will greet you at time of service and verify that you filled out all applicable client intake forms. 

For the Recovery Floor: The Recovery Specialist will ask questions about what will help you in your recovery session for that day, and create a plan for you using our recovery zone floors. 


For Cryotherapy: The Recovery Specialist will ask what song you would like played during your cryotherapy session. You will be required to put on gloves and socks provided in the center, and remove all metal. No external metal may be attached to your body during the session (earrings, rings, other metal). Your first session will be the beginner level, so we know how your body reacts to cold and works for you. We can go longer sessions and colder levels at your request for the next sessions.

There are contraindications for Cryotherapy including any respiratory or heart issues, diabetes, circulatory ailments, and other symptoms that the recovery specialist will go over verbally with you before entering the chamber. No open cuts or wounds are allowed when performing cryotherapy.


For the Recovery Classes: You may bring your own mat if you wish. The recovery coach will ask what areas you wish to focus on in your session for the day, and what you wish to avoid, for the best class experience.


Does insurance cover the Recovery Center?

Unfortunately standard insurance does not cover prehab. However check to see if your company has a wellness plan for reimbursements. We can provide an emailed receipt for you to submit to your employer if desired and applicable.

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