Thank you for your interest in working with CrossFunction Sports Recovery, PLLC! We strive to be the best recovery center for athletes and for the general health and wellbeing of those wishing to have therapeutic recovery. Our company’s motto is “Born for the Athlete” where all our specialists are, or were, in an athletic venture at one time. We understand what our clients go through, and wish to give the best care. We are a well-educated team of specialists who continually seek to receive quality education in our respective fields.


We are prompt, professional, self-motivated, respectful to both clients and colleagues, and genuinely love to help others.

Please send an email here or visit our contact page at the bottom of the homepage for a full PDF of salary, benefits, and other information, to see if CrossFunction Sports Recovery is a great fit for both individual and company.


Many blessings!

Jenny Mapes


Career Openings

Mill Creek

We are looking for a 20-30hr/wk staff member who will split between being a:


Recovery Specialist I/Front Office Coordinator

Advanced Sports Massage Therapist/Recovery Specialist I

Advanced Sports Massage Therapist/Front Office Coordinator


Can only be a combo of the following days/hours:

Front Office Coordinator Availability: Saturday 12-6, Monday 11-3.

Recovery Specialist Availability: Saturday 12-6

Massage Availability: Saturday 12-6 (available now), Sunday 12-6 (or every other Sunday is available now), Monday 9-3 or 3-8, Thursday 9-3 or 3-8.


Position Information

Recovery Specialist I position starts at $17/hr, guaranteed hours, with 3 accrued paid days off/sick leave, full use of recovery center off time, employee pricing cryo and massage. Opportunity to become a group instructor at a later date for a greater salary. Must have been an athlete of a sport, and either a team coach or group instructor for 1 year, with a valid CPT certification/personal insurance. General duties is using the CryoTherapy machine, creating a sports recovery plan and taking care of clients using the facility, coaching corrective exercise movements to clients, taking on/off equipment for clients, sharing front desk tasks, and other maintenance around the facility.

Front Office Coordinator starts at $14.50/hr, Medical Billing experience and portion is an additional salary wage on top of it DOE. Three accrued paid days off/sick leave, full use of recovery center off time, employee pricing cryo and massage. Must have participated in a sport. Opportunity to become a Recovery Specialist at a later date if desired and have CPT. General duties is answering phone/email, scheduling, collecting payments/insurance billing medical companies, facility organization, and other maintenance tasks around the facility. 

Advanced Sports Massage Therapist is $30-35/hr, with 3 accrued paid days off/sick leave, full use of recovery center off time, employee pricing cryo and massage. Must have valid LMT license/personal insurance, and at Minimum 2 years experience with 48 CE of sports massage or related techniques (we are not the standard face down/face up under covers with quiet music massage place- we do sports massage). More massage info is at

We offer CE opportunities to all our team members, and have team building activities and group fun. Come join our vivacious group of sports and exercise enthusiasts at CrossFunction Sports Recovery!

email us for detailed position info here


We have a very dynamic and fun team with little drama- are a great family! We LOVE sports and all things sports recovery! We are looking for people who match our company values (see below) and wish to grow with us as a company. Must be age 20 or over to apply.

Applications due by February 28, 2020, position starts March 9 with two training days before then (VIP opening is March 14).

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!