The Grip Recovery System has been specifically pioneered and engineered by CrossFunction Sports Recovery to receive the ultimate hand and arm care possible. A Recovery Specialist will be circulating the floor assisting clients with applying and removing devices.

Schedule a 30 minute massage afterward in the Repair Zone to top off the experience!

Note: Please wash hands and sanitize before starting the Grip Zone recovery 

Station 1

8 Minutes Exercises and Stretches

Follow a video-led 8 minute arm and hand routine. to help work out and stretch your fingers and arms.

Station 2

10 Minutes Manual Therapy

Use your choice of tools at the Manual Therapy Table to relieve all those triggerpoint and pain spots. Vibration technology, roller devices, hand pressure machines, and more! Set the timer, follow a video or simply have fun exploring the tools on your own.

Station 3

30 Minutes Arm Compression

Place one arm in the Air Relax compression sleeve for 15 minutes while using a stim unit or cold hyperice on the other side. If you prefer to omit the stim and hyperice and are ok with both arms being immovable, you may place both arms in compression sleeves at the same time for 30 minutes. 

Station 4

10 Minutes Paraffin Wax Treatment

Using a three cover wax dip on arms and hands, they are placed in a liner and mitts and a timer is set for 10 minutes while you lounge and watch the sports channel. Once the time is up, you simply remove the wax and throw away the plastic.